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M Farlane ShipDesign

= Passenger Ships & Commercial Yachts =


When onboard systems need to be fixed or updated, McFarlane ShipDesign is a popular choice. Our strong engineering background allows us to deal with and support all systems. We propose drawed-up solution plans, as well as onsite investigation and surveying to offer conceptual, preliminary, detailed analysis & design plans.



Services include:


-Consultancy services

-Design & Implementation of add-on systems.


Examples of systems: Vent & Flooding, Bilge and Ballast, Water System, Crude Oil Storage, Diesel Systems, Electric Systems, Hybrid Systems, Heating & Blanketing & AC systems, Sound Systems, Bulk Storage Systems, Sewage Treatment Systems, etc

We always work in compliance with the International Maritime Organization, SOLAS, ISO, MAC, ABS, Lloyd's Register, and all other reputable regulatory bodies. 

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