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M Farlane ShipDesign

= Passenger Ships & Commercial Yachts =


We understand the mechanics of stability and its relation to capsize risks. This is why we test not only the stability level of your vessel in various conditions, but provide engineering solutions for boats with stability issues.




-Development of ship hull forms and stability analysis both for intact & damaged stability, including problematic stability

-Preparation of stability booklets

-Organization of procedure for testing ship stability

-Assessment of vessel's stability [required, intact, and simulated as damaged]

-Solutions to resolve problems

-Design & implementation of add-on systems.

-Weight & stability management plans

We always work in compliance with the IMO SOLAS, ISO, MCA, ABS, Lloyd's Register, and all other leading regulatory bodies.

In the recreation & leisure industry, vessel stability also becomes an issue of comfort.

We can tailor vessel stability to deliver the most comfortable and secure-feeling ride by adapting its seakeeping properities, motion response, and roll period- all elements which are engineered by the naval arichitect.

We offer both active [stabilizer fins, gyroscopic stabilizers] and passive [bilge keel, outriggers, antiroll tanks, etc]

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