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M Farlane ShipDesign

= Passenger Ships & Commercial Yachts =


From a patrol vessel to a luxury yacht or a tug boat to an expedition ship,

there is something truly exciting about giving new purpose to a vessel.

We have a proven track record and passion for yacht conversions,

having produced some of the industry's best.


The favourable aspects of yacht conversions are plentiful. We have the expertise and imagination to harness a client's vision, and realize it. 



The process begins with both putting an Owner's dreams onto paper, and picking the suitable pre-exsisting ship as the canvas to work with.  We then create the Concept Design, before handpicking the shipyard which will best suit the project.


From then onwards we take care of the overseeing of the project: liasons with yard, suppliers,  interior designers, conducting regular onsite supervision, and tending to all deadlines, etc till completition and launch of the newborn vessel.

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