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M Farlane ShipDesign

= Passenger Ships & Commercial Yachts =


The unit cost per m2 of a yacht or cruise ship is many time more than that of a building, and the unit volume per person on a ship is many times smaller than that of any prestigious hotel or residence. The marine environment, she too, is much more variable  and the period housed onboard marine environment is

There is therefore a high demand for an optimization of the use of space, and the creation of a Resulting package that appeals to the end user and is profitable to operate*.

(* If a commercial yacht or cruise vessel)

The importance of the correct layout is the most fundamental part of any design. The path to that best design however is without a map- each vessel is different.


We have complete understanding of how to achieve desired results, and are able to guide our client towards their goal in developing arrangement that best suits their needs. 

We are also professionals within the industry and so able to also incorporate its other challenges: Aesthetics, Naval Architecture, Technical, Engineering and Accommodation; into one comprehensive ship design.

Within the McFarlane ShipDesign Team, we bring a skillset able to achieve full results. We also do not hesitate to co-operate with industry specialists in order to increase our work output and to bring that special touch needed on every project.


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