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The next design class in Offshore Accomodation


With 9 decks, a 5-deck inner atrium, gardens spanning 400m2 and 600m2 respectively, and an architectural layout founded upon letting as much air and light travel throughout the ship's interior, KABINA's intention was always to shatter preconceptions on cramped and unstimulating worker accomodation.


Kabina offers both a higher quality of life and more fulfilling recreational activities to its 600 worker capacity; three coffee shops, a gym, sports bar, cinema, barber, shops, a prayer room, a panic room, and medical & dental facilities; whilst never losing sight of executive services such as upgraded cabins, office space, private gardens, dining rooms, and helicopter access.


But most importantly, it is a flexible and self-sufficient vessel able to be pulled up onto a beach, moored alone, or alongside a site.



"Glancing through the Kabina‚Äôs outline specs, it seems that sections of the vessel have not been so much inspired by city apartments, but by cities themselves.  -Royal Institute of Naval Architects 

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